Thursday, 28 July 2016

12 Stretches for Slim and Sexy Hips

It is healthy do some form of work out routines daily but in the last century it seems working in an office is the bane of everyone. Most of us have to do it to get a decent living but there will be times that we end up not moving much from our desks. What happens after that? We get all sorts of back ache and some sore muscles around our lower back, particularly our hip.

Sitting around all day can make the muscles around your hip tighten and could make you feel pain in places you’re not supposed to feel pain in. You will definitely experience a few occurrences of this specially if you don’t move much from your chair.

There are a lot of reasons why we shouldn’t keep ourselves planted in one spot. Humans are mainly mobile mammals so it is in our nature to feel bored and sometimes in pain when we’re stationary for prolonged periods of time. Which is why we compiled 12 good stretches specifically targeted for tight hips.


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