Thursday, 28 July 2016

4 Moves To Get You Hooked On Boxing

There’s no sight quite like witnessing the athletic prowess and raw beauty of a trained boxer shadowboxing inside a ring. The speed and rhythm of an entire body in perfect sync gives the misleading impression that to be a boxer, one must first be born with this remarkable gift. And while it helps, a lack of innate talent shouldn’t limit the average person from looking and feeling like Muhammad Ali inside the ropes, and getting the results and confidence of a champion.

Shadowboxing is a non contact warm-up exercise using punch combos and footwork to mimic the movement encountered in a boxing match. But shadowboxing is really about intensity. It can be anything from a light warm-up to vigorous, interval-based movement that will shred everything from your arms and shoulders to your core and lower body (if you’re doing it right, your quads will be the first to reach exhaustion). Once you start putting two- and three-punch combos together and feel the music tell your feet where to go, you’ll be hooked.


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