Thursday, 28 July 2016

5 Ways To Kill It At Push-Ups and Get Strong and Lean

The push-up is one of the most awesome exercises for your upper body and your physique in general. Many women struggle with them, and even if they can eventually build up to doing a few on their toes, the form is messy at best.

This is one of those exercises that the ladies tend to shy away from because well, we want to be good at everything, and if we’re not good at it or someone might be watching as we fall on our face, we’re better off just skipping it.

I have seen many women who come into my gym who can’t do a quality push-up. Their butts are in the air, their elbows fly out to their sides in the “chicken wing” fashion and they just can’t seem to get very low. It’s frustrating; I get it.

In just a matter of weeks though, these women can tweak their form, build up their strength and end up performing multiple repetitions of push-ups from their toes and eventually even adding weight to the exercise for added difficulty.


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