Thursday, 28 July 2016

Heavy Bag Workout- What Is It And What Are Its Benefits

Gyms look incomplete without a heavy bag. The heavy bag has always been one of the oldest, surest ways to get powerfully fit. There are many reasons why it should remain a part of your fitness routine; maybe even a part of your home. Let me show you why.

Rippling muscles are not made in a day. I’m sure real fighters and kick boxers just focused on hitting the heavy bag. The workout simply happened to give them a defined, incredible looking body. I found that punching the heavy bag also,
  • Burns fat and calories quickly,
  • Improves metabolism,
  • Engages muscles of both hands and legs,
  • Enhances punching power,
  • Builds strength and stamina,
  • Builds co-ordination,
  • Consequently develops self-defense skills.
The heavy bag workout involves punching a stuffed bag weighing between 40-100 pounds. Ten rounds of high-intensity exercises and 45 seconds of rest between rounds make up the routine. Sounds tough? It better be, if you want to look and feel like a kick boxer.


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