Thursday, 28 July 2016

Step Up and Get Lean at the Barre

Ask most women what their biggest fitness goals is and you will usually hear the same request; to look long and lean. For some, this body type comes naturally as they flow through life, making us all envious. For the rest of us, getting that long, lean look requires a bit more effort. Enter the amazing Barre workout.

The Barre fitness craze began more than 50 years ago in 1959, when a woman names Lotte Berk opened the first studio in London. The workout, a combination of ballet moves and rehabilitation exercises, was designed by Berk to help herself and others, recover from injuries and back pain. 

With this description in mind, one might be fooled into thinking that a Barre workout is more of a relaxing stretch, perhaps comparing it to a gentle form of yoga; however, those who have actually taken a Barre class will certainly disagree.


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