Tuesday, 2 August 2016

6 Moves to Get a Flat Belly

Navigating your summer wardrobe is so much easier with a flat belly. Bikinis? No sweat. Tight dresses? Not an issue. Crop tops? Bring them on! Many of us feel less self-conscious and more comfortable in our clothing when our abdominal muscles are sleek, toned, and smooth.

But there are health benefits to slimming your belly as well. Excess weight around the belly is linked to both heart disease and insulin resistance. And as you slim your belly, you’ll not only lower your risk of developing these diseases, but you’ll strengthen your core and boost your metabolism all at once!

The six exercises in this flat belly workout, ranging from burpees to bicycles to X jumps, will have you strengthening key muscles, working off fat and calories, and sweating your way to a trim belly and a healthier body in no time.


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