Saturday, 10 September 2016

17 Exercise Tips to Step Up Your Workout

A new year means a new start — and a new gym membership, new workout clothes, and a new healthy attitude so that you can motivate yourself to exercise. No matter how cliche it may be, starting a new exercise routine is always something that can benefit you… as long as you actually, you know, follow it. It takes a while for your brain to realize that a really good sweat session is more satisfying than an hour of binge-watching your favorite TV show (no, seriously), and until that happens, you will probably find that your motivation can be somewhat lacking.

I would never pretend that exercise is easy, because it isn’t. It can be really hard to get yourself in the frame of mind to work out on a regular basis. It’s hard to make time for workouts in between everything else you have to do, and it’s really hard to push through physically exhausting hurdles when you’re already exhausted from work. But it’s not impossible! These exercise tips and tricks will help make your workout seem just a little bit easier… for the month of January, and the months after that. Good luck — you can totally do this!


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