Friday, 9 September 2016

25 Basic Yoga Asanas For Beginners

Yoga has been an ancient practice in our country. Yoga has long-lasting effects. People use it for reducing weight, gaining weight, to stay fit and many more things. The practice of yoga includes meditation, breathing exercises, pranayam, asanas and most important of all – attaining eternal peace.

Always start your yoga sessions by chanting ‘OM’ 11 times. It gives you a divine feeling and also creates effective vibrations. The 4 main pillars of yoga are – Karma yoga, Dhyana yoga, Bhakti yoga and Ashtanga yoga. Apart from these forms, there are several others.

Each form of yoga has its own set of benefits. As a beginner you can start with the basic warm up exercises. These warm up exercises are also a part of a yoga session. In yoga terms, they are known as ‘Sukshma Vyayam’. It acts as a kick start mechanism for your body. Asanas are a type of body posture in which a person practices yoga, pranayama and meditation. There are various types of asanas which you can perform in the category of beginners yoga.


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