Saturday, 10 September 2016

300 Reps Bodyweight Workout

The idea is simple – 50 reps of each of 6 of my favorite body weight exercises.The execution – is a different story all together!

I am a huge fan of body weight workouts. Low sets and high reps is a great way to increase lean muscle and burn off fat. Today’s workout features 6 of my favorite body weight exercises that will tone and tighten head to toe! The catch is you have to do a lot of reps… 50 of them… of each exercise before moving on to the next. Ready for this one? Here we go!

Alright – so again the idea behind this is pretty simple. Below you will find 6 of my favorite bodyweight exercises that you can do at home, on the road, or just about anywhere. Your objective is to complete 50 reps of each exercise. The catch is that you can’t move on to the next exercise until you’ve completed all 50 reps of our current exercise! For an added bonus try starting a timer while you do this one and see if you can complete it in under 20 minutes!

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