Saturday, 10 September 2016

4-Week Morning Fat Blaster Calendar

The old saying that the early bird gets the worm has never been so true. With this 4-Week Morning Fat Blaster Calendar, waking up early gets you so much more. Morning workouts have amazing effects on your body. Starting off your day on a high note allows you to keep that momentum going throughout the day. And as a bonus, our workouts will amp up your metabolism, which will help you to burn fat all day long. This 4-Week Morning Fat Blaster Calendar will help you to get leaner and toned in just a few weeks’ time.

Follow the 4-week calendar by performing the assigned morning workouts for each day. The week transitions from shorter workouts to longer ones, with every Saturday off. Push yourself and give it all you’ve got. Really challenging your body in the morning will pay off throughout the rest of your day.


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