Saturday, 10 September 2016

5 Great At-Home Workouts

Hey everyone! Welcome to another week here on! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday – if you’re anything like me you’re revving to get back to it and hit it hard this week.

This week’s “Weekly Workout Plan” is dedicated to a number of readers who have recently asked me one simple question: “How can I get stronger?” You don’t need a gym membership or a ton of fancy at-home equipment to gain strength. 

A little weight-bearing resistance training combined with maybe a pair of dumbbells can go a long way in increasing strength and function… and also helping you to look and feel better! This week’s “Weekly Workout Plan” consists of 5 of my favorite at-home strength-training routines. Do all five this week for increased strength and to take one step closer to your fitness goals!

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