Friday, 9 September 2016

Outdoor Bootcamp Strength Trainning Workout

With the weather warming up I can’t help but spend more and more time outside! What better place to get in a killer workout than with blue sky, green grass, and fresh air?! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite outdoor workouts to help you slim down, tone up, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. No equipment needed on this one – just 20-30 minutes, a little space outside, and a killer desire to shred!

All you’ll need for this workout is a little room to run and another surface of a different height. A step, a curb, a stair, a bench, a secure rock, a sturdy log… get creative! We’re going to be using them for some of the moves we have in this awesome outdoor burner!

One more thing before we get started – I personally love circuit training. Rarely do I have a lot of time to workout so the more I can pack in to a small amount of time the better. You’ll complete the following 4 circuits as follows: A-B alternating four times, then move on to B-C alternating four times, and so on until you’ve completed all 4 circuits. Let’s do this!


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