Saturday, 10 September 2016

Walk to Flat Stomach

We’ve covered the basics on strengthening your abdominal, so that you can protect yourself from injury, back pain, and of course, flaunt a firmer belly. But the path to a flat stomach is a two-prater: In addition to toning the muscles, you’ve got to burn off the layer of fat on top, so that you can actually see the fruit of your labor! Crunches alone aren’t enough; you’ve also got to include the right kind of cardio in your routine. 

In order to show off a flat stomach, it’s important to first understand the fat that is hiding it. There’s the fat we all know and love (okay, maybe “love” is the wrong word) – the kind that lies just beneath the skin so that we can easily see around our abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks. That’s called “subcutaneous fat.” And while subcutaneous fat is the kind that plagues us the most, the good news about this kind of belly fat is that you can begin to lose it with proper diet and exercise. 

What lies beneath, however, is a different story. There’s another type of belly fat – a more dangerous breed – that is marbled into our organs. It’s called “Visceral fat,” and left to its own devices, this type of fat can lead to serious health threats, making us more susceptible to heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 Diabetes, and even certain types of cancer.

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